Christmas Door Decorating Competition

Advisory classes express their creativity to win a pizza party.


Mr. Martin’s Advisory won the door decorating contest with this “The Nightmare Before Christmas” themed door.

To continue ASB’s winter Spirit Week activities, it was announced that there would be a door decorating contest.  Each advisory class would spend the period decorating the door of their classroom in whatever festive way they thought would impress a judge.

Designs were very traditional.  There were snowmen and wreaths, and gifts wrapped with bows.  Mr. J’s door was a three dimensional cup of hot cocoa with the steam overflowing from it.  (Luckily he would not be participating in the competition.)

It was important that the winner be decided by an impartial judge.  Mrs. Saldana and Mr. Martin recruited our groundskeeper Will to be one of the judges, along with the other custodial staff.

Doors were judged on a basis of creativity, craftsmanship and originality.  One to five points were given for each category, with for a total of 15.  Then an average was taken between the three judges and the class with the highest average won.  (Mrs. Saldana, a math teacher, was in charge of the tally, so it is not unexpected that she use such a complicate method for reaching a winner.)

The winner was Room 2 – Mr. Martin’s Advisory.  Kelis, Joaquin and Anasia spearheaded the effort and should be commended.  The door was painted to look like the poster from the movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”  It was Ellis who came up with this idea.  Once everyone was on board, the others worked during lunch, advisory and after school until it was done.

Mr. Martin said, “I had nothing to do with this.  It was all student run.  I am very proud of Kelis, Anasia and Joaquin.  They will be the first in line for pizza.”