The Top 5 Benefits of Music


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    Top 5 Benefits of Music 

Going back 35,000 years ago, music has been a big part of a lot of people’s lives. Music is known to calm the mind and help people focus. Here are 5 benefits of listening to music. 

  1. Music Can Affect Your Mood: Everyone knows music is a very powerful thing. From the beat to the lyrics, these things can seriously speak more than words. Having said this, listening to sad music can put you in more of a down mood, and listening to happy music can brighten your mood. 
  2. Music Can Connect People: Usually when you meet someone new, one of the main questions you ask them are “ What’s your favorite song” or “what’s your favorite artist.” Most of the time, when you both like the same music, you are more likely to get close with them. When you like the same music as someone, you are most likely to relate to them on much deeper levels than someone else. 
  3. It Can Improve Mental Help: In this day and age, mental health is something that all people struggle with everywhere. It gets so bad for some people that they may resort to a “worst case scenario” plan. Music is known for completely changing the mind. Some music can help your mind do a whole 360. Listening to happier music or even music that may correlate with what you are going through can help come over a rough patch in life. 
  4. It Can Help Motivation: Listening to music, like I previously stated, can change your mood. Along with this, you can sometimes get a motivation boost based on what music you listen too. Most of the time your favorite genre of music can help you get moving and get anything you need done finished. 
  5. Can Help Your Heart Rate: Music can help you move your body. When moving your body, it keeps your heart rate steady. This has positive impacts on your heart and keeps you healthier faster. This affects your breath rate and your blood pressure. 

With all of this being said music has a lot of positive effects on you as a person but also on your health.  Go to your local record store and find some music today!