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MITAs color guard team after the awards ceremony for CCGC Championships.

Color Guard Featured at MIT Academy

Alexandria Bumatay, MIT Academy High School Reporter May 1, 2023

Color guard is an extracurricular activity that MIT offers where people can competitively perform choreographed shows against other color guard teams. Color guard shows usually involve a mix of dance...

Top 6 Graduation Gifts

Rachelle Ibanez, MIT Academy High School Reporter May 1, 2023

Trying to choose which graduation gift to give to a high school graduate can be challenging. Seniors celebrate their accomplishments with their friends and family before stepping to the next chapter of...

Its important to get enough rest.

Rest for Success

Elida Garcia, MIT Academy High School Reporter May 1, 2023

As high schoolers we all find ourselves in the middle of the night, burning our eyes trying to get assignments done, meet deadlines, and prepare for exams. However, it’s important to remember that adequate...

Our tassel with the custom griffin mascot.

Graduation is coming!

Carlo Falla, MIT Academy High School Reporter May 1, 2023

The end of the year is coming up and with that it is time for seniors to start planning out their future! The Mit 27’ class is the second to receive an in-person graduation since the beginning of quarantine...

There has been a lack of both multiculturalism and diversity in our society throughout the years.

Our Society Lacks Diversity

Jennifer de Leon, MIT Academy High School Reporter May 1, 2023
Both multiculturalism and diversity are important at work, but they are also valuable at school. A high rate of both is crucial for the development of students as citizens that can appropriately interact with a wide variety of people and social groups.
The juniors and freshmen playing a game of tug o war out on the field.

Rally Week

Connor Miller, MIT Academy High School Reporter May 1, 2023
Rally week was something that all the grades could experience and have fun to compete with one another to win it all.

New Faces on the Ferry

Benjamin Gomez, MIT Academy High School Reporter May 1, 2023

What is the San Francisco Bay Ferry? If you live in Vallejo, you may have heard of this ferry at least once. The Vallejo Ferry Line is the second busiest in the whole system, just behind Oakland.  There’s...

Fertilizers have become increasingly detrimental to the environment.

The Complicated Role of Fertilizer in the Modern World

Iman Ali, MIT Academy High School Reporter March 22, 2023

Fertilizers play a crucial role in modern agriculture, providing the essential nutrients needed for crop growth and increasing produce. However, in recent years, the supply of fertilizers has been declining,...

Ukraine Distracts World from South American Issues

Elida Garcia, MIT Academy High School Reporter March 20, 2023

Did you know that many countries in South America including Nicaragua, Peru, and Argentina are facing significant challenges? Despite the seriousness of these problems, they’re often ignored in the media...

Members of the Black Student Union at MIT Academy include: Britnae Smith, Amar Tiyamiyu, Ms. Mo, Samantha Dadson, Sariah Wah,
Layla Adams, Savannah Roberts, Destiney Britton, Sapphire Mitchel, Steve Louis-Reese and Emmanuel Taylor.

Black Student Union Educates Students About Issues of Race in America

Christina Johnson, MIT Academy High School Reporter March 9, 2023

The Black Student Union (or BSU) is a club where black students of schools have a place to express their views and experiences with people alike. BSU also has other functions such as educating members...

Students at MIT Academy are concerned about graduation requirement waivers issued by the school board.

Graduation Waivers: A Good Idea?

Jordan Delos Reyes and Danica Domingo, Staff Writers February 28, 2023

As a high school student in MIT Academy, you are required to obtain nine college credits, do a total of 140 hours of community service within your four years, and 35 internship hours. These requirements...

Girls Basketball Season Canceled, But Will Return Next Year

Girls Basketball Season Canceled, But Will Return Next Year

Staff Writer, MIT Academy High School Reporter February 3, 2023

The girl’s basketball team for the 2022-2023 season has been canceled, though it will be returning next year. Here is more insight from Mr. Owens:  “The athletic department entered fast into the...

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