Top 10 Things You Can Do With A Robot Cat


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         Paid Post   Posted on Mar 22, 2023

Everybody loves felines, but some people can’t stand their fur. Whether it’s because you’re allergic or you just have an aversion to kitty hair, owning a robot cat–as manufactured by Cornelius Technologies–is a great alternative to a real, fluffy cat!

1. Robot cats don’t shed. Goodbye, mess!

Even if cat hair doesn’t bother you, the summer mess that cats make with their shedding can. Just like dust, our furry friends’ fur can make summer a living hell for us. Robot cats don’t shed fur, making them more hygienic and easier to maintain. 

2. Robot cats are hypoallergenic, making them perfect for cat lovers with cat allergies.

According to NIH, 10-20% of adults are allergic to cats. Imagine how many of those adults are cat lovers, but can never own a cat because they can’t stand cat fur, urine, or skin. It’s depressing. Thankfully, robot cats are to the rescue! They don’t have these allergens, making them perfect for the cat pee intolerant. 

3. “But I have sensitive skin…”

Another aversion people with cat allergies have to cat ownership is how easily kittens irritate their skin. If only cats were made with hypoallergenic materials… oh wait!

Cornelius Technologies’ robot cats have all the best parts of real cats (like customizable, soft hair and cute faces) and none of the bad ones. This goes out to all our readers with atopic dermatitis! We see you.

4. Robot cats don’t need a litter box because they don’t need to pee.

Robot cats are low maintenance and don’t require litter box cleaning. If you’re tired of scooping your kitten’s poops, a robot cat is an alternative to consider.

You don’t need to feed your robot cat, either! As long as you charge it when its battery gets low, you’ll be good to go. This gives your furry friend more time to focus on loving you!

5. Robot cats can fly!

Prepare for lift-off! You heard us right: if you pay $5,264,503.87 for the addition of jets in your robot cat, Mr. Whiskers will be able to sit, stand, and fly. You can even have them fly to your exact location with the press of a simple button on the Fe9 app! Let’s see your calico do that.

6. You get to save on vet bills.

We’d take you out to a fancy restaurant to celebrate, but now you can afford it yourself! Taking your cat to the vet can cost you about $40 each time, even if it’s just a routine check-up. Imagine your kitty gets sick and you have to pay for treatment and maybe even surgery! You’d do anything for your feline friend, but wouldn’t you like to do a little less? 

With a robot cat, you’ll never have to worry about paying vet bills again. Even if it gets damaged, the average repair for a robot cat is only $20-30. That’s almost half the cost of a visit to the vet!

7. “No pets?” No problem.

This is for our cat lovers living in an apartment with a “no pets” policy. Unlike regular cats, robot cats are programmed to stay docile unless told otherwise. No more sneaking around, Sr. Fluff! Now, living away from your parents isn’t as miserable as it used to be.

This policy seems stupid to a lot of people–us included–although the reason for it is pretty simple. Apartment complexes have a “no pets” policy to avoid potential property damage cats may cause. This brings us to our next point…

8. Robot cats won’t scratch up your luxury sofa

We’ve all heard the horror stories of cats tearing up anything and everything they can get their claws on: sofas, toilet paper rolls, and rugs, oh my! While it’d be easy to buy a cat tree or a scratching post for your pet, it can seem like a superfluous expense to people considering cat-doption. You’re in for a treat if you’ve ever caught yourself saying, “Why should I a scratching post when I can just not get a cat?” 

For one, robot cats don’t have claws, so you won’t have to spend that extra buck replacing or covering your furniture. Robot cats also don’t need to be played with, even though you can still activate their “Playful” mode in the Fe9 app. Now you have a choice in whether or not your chairs get torn up!

9. Robot cats are there when you need them and will leave when you want

Have you ever needed to go somewhere and the moment you’re about to get up, your cat lays down on your lap? It’s heartbreaking to have to move our cat to go pee! Thankfully, this isn’t an issue with robot cats. You can tell them to come and go whenever you want.

This isn’t exclusive to the real world, either. Your robot cat won’t “die” unless you let it. Whether you stop charging it or decide to get rid of it, you can “kill” your robot cat whenever you want and face no consequences. As long as you remember to charge it, your robot cat could very well be your lifelong companion!

10. Robot cats are quiet. Hear that? Nothing.

Your robot cat is capable of meowing and purring, but otherwise, they’re completely silent. Tired of being woken up at 12 AM to your cat begging for food, water, or outside time? With a robot cat, you can catch up on these hours of lost sleep and have a cat!