Featured Student: Julia Lee


Julia Lee was born on March 17, 2009, on St. Patrick’s Day. When I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up she answered, “myself.” This gives her a lot of character with just one answer because she infers that she just wants to stay true to herself and likes the way she is now. Julia seems to enjoy herself anywhere, even in school, which might be surprising because not everyone likes school. She speaks her mind freely in class and is friendly to many people. Her personality is quite bashful and playful, which makes her quite an interesting person. 

She wants to pursue a job at Taco Bell or Six Flags, disclosing no exact reason why. Julia is a student at MIT Academy, and her favorite class is science because “it’s fun.”

Disregarding the classes, her favorite teachers are Mr. Martin, Mr. Farmer, and Mr. Contreras. 

In her free time, she usually goes on her phone, plays Fortnite, or sleeps. One of her hobbies is playing soccer,“‘cause it’s fun.” The most important thing in her life is her phone, but she didn’t explain why. Julia’s favorite food is pizza and pasta, like ramen and spaghetti. This is her go-to food when she’s hungry and usually makes it herself. “It’s my favorite food ’cause it’s yummy,” she answered. 

Her favorite book is “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Suess. Her favorite movie is, “The Black Phone” and her favorite show is “TVD” or “The Vampire Diaries.” Julia’s favorite flowers are daisies, which are pretty simple. I found this interesting because, from her recent answers, she seems really diverse. She likes the song, “Only Girl” by Kali Uchis, and her favorite artist is Carrie Underwood. 

During this interview, she was really cooperative and we joked around a lot. When I wanted to go over the questions in detail for the profile, she replied and said, “it’s ok, we have enough information.” She was right.