Black Student Union Educates Students About Issues of Race in America

Students enjoy learning about black history and culture.


Members of the Black Student Union at MIT Academy include: Britnae Smith, Amar Tiyamiyu, Ms. Mo, Samantha Dadson, Sariah Wah, Layla Adams, Savannah Roberts, Destiney Britton, Sapphire Mitchel, Steve Louis-Reese and Emmanuel Taylor.

The Black Student Union (or BSU) is a club where black students of schools have a place to express their views and experiences with people alike. BSU also has other functions such as educating members on black history and representing black students in school. Today there are many BSUs in many colleges and high schools. 

In 1964, The Civil Rights Act made colleges extend financial aid to black students to encourage them to enroll in previously white colleges. When more black students enrolled at these colleges they found themselves under represented due to being a minority. Black students at San Francisco State University in 1966 found a solution. They started up a club called BSU to have a place for black students to go to and have a place with familiarity. 

BSUs have spread to schools all over America including our own MIT Academy. Ms. Mo and student Savannah Roberts started the BSU earlier in the year. “Our goal is to create a safe haven for students to come and speak…and they can educate others on the outside too. My hope is that it creates a more exclusive environment for the people going to school,” said Savannah Roberts, president of the BSU. 

In BSU meetings, the club leaders educate the members on black history and share their experiences and views on black issues. BSU also threw a holiday party for students at the school. Unfortunately Ms. Mo could no longer be the supervisor of BSU which caused some uncertainty over the club.  However Mr. Gordon took over the role of supervisor and BSU can continue. The BSU will soon be going on a field trip to visit the pier and Exploratorium in San Francisco. “I feel like Mr Gordon was the best option and the only option,” said Samantha Dadson, BSU vice president. 

Our BSU is an important student organization here at MIT Academy, and in other schools across the country.