Saquon Akihiro Jacavies VIII

Saquon Akihiro Jocavies VIII

September 11, 1910 – September 11, 2069

Saquon Meatball Jocavies VIII left this world peacefully in a submarine in Hawaii. Saquon was a professional football player and has won many awards. He went to the University of Alabama and won the Heisman trophy in his rookie year. Saquon won 4 super bowls and played with Tom Brady for all of those Super Bowls. He served in the military for 3 years and took place in the Pearl Harbor bombing. 

Jocavies ended up marrying Frankla Balmoa in 2028. They had a happy marriage and ended up having a son(Madried Kaito Jocavies). Frankla is now living alone on their 27 acre land since Saquon passed away. Jocavies retired in 2065 due to the passing of his mother.

Jocavies grew up in Tokyo and lived there until he was 14. Jocavies lived in a very rich family. His father Saquon Akihiro Jocavies VII was a very rich man. His dad was a real estate agent and lived until he was 101 years old. 

Jocavies helped Batman Bin Superman find the cure of cancer on September 11, 2001. With the help of alien technology they were able to find the only thing in the universe that can cure cancer. After this in 2003 he ended up getting drafted into the NFL but had to choose between playing baseball and football. Jocavies ended up choosing football and was drafted in the first round. Jocavies was drafted by the New England Patriots and played for them for 27 years. He then switched to the MLB in 2030 and played for 35 years. 4 years later he passed quietly. The NFL and MLB will miss him dearly.