The Stars Above:The Nesting of Zabaione


Benedict was starting to regret this very much. The only thing going through his mind was what his parents would say. In Scrambled Ciudad, Lord and Lady Eggsworth were the strictest parents there. If one thing was out of place, someone would get fired in the manor.

He walked down the dark hallway, passing many classes, when he finally saw the wooden door with gold plated letters reading:

            Vitellus  A. Nestington

     Headmistress of Nestington’s School for the Gifted

“Hello, Miss . . . .” Benedict muttered quietly. He walked in and saw the big woman and he shuddered. She was a large, with a shiny bob cut. She had a single gold tooth.  There was a wooden stick hanging on a wall. 

“Ah . . . the little Eggsworth prodigy. Who would’ve thought the intelligent one would land in my very office with this delinquent in front of me?”

Huevos looked at Benedict in shock. “Benny?” 

Benedict winked, and Huevos smiled. “Hey, ma’am. I’m deeply sorry for this incident, but I want to say that my friend, Huevos, didn’t do anything wrong.”

Headmistress Nestington bellowed, “What on Tortang Talong are you on about, boy? This delinquent in front of me is one of the most juvenile and disobedient children in Scrambled Ciudad. Even my own cat doesn’t behave in such a manner.”

Headmistress Nestington smiled and her green eyes shone. He backed up her chair, stood up, and slowly walked up to Benedict. She looked down at him and her smile vanished.

“So . . . . why are you here, Benedict.”

Benedict started sweating profusely. He coughed into his hand, and backed away quickly. “I was sent by Mr. Gyeranppang, miss. I talked out and said something very disrespectful. I apologize greatly, Headmistress.” 

Benedict bowed and wiped his forehead with his sleeve. The headmistress’ eyes widened in shock. 

“Interesting,” she walked back to her desk and motioned toward a seat next to Huevos. Benedict reluctantly sat down in front of her. Huevos looked at Benedict and smirked.

“Young men, you know that I was once a noble of Zabaione until my son tarnished the Nestington name.” The boys looked at each other and nodded. “I started this school for the gifted because this was the only way to keep the Nestington name afloat.”

Huevos looked down but the headmistress grabbed his chin and made him look at her. “Don’t look away, boy. When I talk, you listen, and look at me.”

Benedict shuddered as Headmistress Nestington pointed behind her, to a painting behind her. It was of a tall man with a beard and a bald. He was wearing a Jajka Faszerowane coat of arms. Benedict’s eyes glowed at seeing the Mighty Albumen Nestington, former Commander of the Avgolemono Faction. He tragically died on his spaceship before he could come back to Tortang Talong.  

“My late husband, Albumen. He was a noble and loving father and husband. He was such a good man.” The woman let out a tear. “I just wanted to tell you both that sometimes unruly behavior brings down legacies, just like my son.”

She looked at the boys and then waved them away. They stood up, bowed and walked to the door. “Wait, boys. You shall both be having detention tomorrow for a week, as well as cleaning the grounds for a month.”

The boys groaned, going home with only a warning, because of the Headmistress’ leniency. 

Little did they know that when they went home, their world would be turned upside down. Its in the hands of the Fates of the Yolk Order to save them.

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