The Stars Above: Disappointment of Benedict


Benedict behind him at his father. The man sat in a chair next to his wife. It felt like the stares were seeping into his soul. Benedict could feel their disappointment.

“Benedict, why must you be around the Rancheros boy?” 

Benedict was honestly surprised at this question. Huevos has been Benedict’s friend since they were both toddlers. Huevos’ has even seen the Eggsworth manor in person. 

“What do you mean, Mother? Huevos is my best friend. I’ve known him forever.”

Omelett looked at Benedict, then the answer came to his mind. “No, that doesn’t even matter, Mother. Just because he’s a commoner doesn’t mean he’s not a good friend.”

His mother smiled. “So naïve, boy. We are the Eggsworths, the nobles of this lovely kingdom. Your father is a member of the Royal Council, for Khagina’s sake. Have you seen the state of that boy’s life? That boy disgusts us.”

Benedict was so mad because they were talking down to Huevos’ family. Anger was boiling inside the young boy. The Rancheros Family had to go through so much, what with being commoners and Huevos’ father, Arturo, was a former knight, which came with its own tribulations.

“Mother, Father, this has nothing to do with Huevos. Let’s move on to the real reason I’m here.”

His parents looked at each other and Omelett pulled something from his vest. He handed it to Benedict and the boy was confused. It was a blank, black sheet of parchment. Benedict looked at it with awe as he flipped it over and with incredible penmanship was his name in bright gold ink:

                                  Benedict Eggsworth

“Father, what is this?” Benedict asked concerningly. He could see the stern look on his parents’ faces. They sighed and his father said, “This, Benedict, is an entrance letter to a place for people who are gifted.”

Benedict was confused because he was already in an amazing school for the gifted, here in Scrambled Ciudad. “But I’m already in the best education institute in Aletria. Why am I going to another school?”

His mother looked at him. “Son, this is a better school, for better children. Even Frittata hasn’t been excepted into this school. Only one other child in our land has been accepted into this school.”

Benedict was scared, but what he was going to do was find out what this school was.