The Stars Above: Eggsworth Manor

As soon as Benedict reached the gates of Eggsworth Manor, two servants ran in and escorted him to his mother and father. He couldn’t even say bye to Huevos. The only thing Huevos had said to him before he had left was, “Good luck, Benny.”

Eggsworth Manor was the largest estate in Scrambled Ciudad. It had three floors, twenty servants, forty acres of land, and held the riches of several generations of Eggsworths. Whenever Benedict saw his massive house, he was reminded of all the people who had asked him to borrow things while growing up.

Benedict walked in with the servants and stumbled on seeing his older sister, Frittata Brik-Eggsworth, a scholar at Shakshouka’s House of Onsen Tamago. She was holding four books while walking to her room on the third floor.  She looked down and sneered at the boy, she chuckled silently, and continued. When the girl closed the door, Benedict shuddered. All the servants froze as Omelett Eggsworth and bowed. Businessman, professor, and the Eighth Chair of Aletria’s Council, Omelett Eggsworth was the greatest force in Scrambled Ciudad.

Omelett was a large man, with a brown beard, square glasses, and an all black three-piece suit, along with a golden watch from the Crown Jewelers. He was a very strict and dictatorial. 

Omelett cringed at seeing his son in such a state. “Lord, Benedict, why are you such a problem child. Why can’t you be like Frittata.” 

He indicated for the staff to stop genuflecting. He took off his coat, and a servant ran to retrieve it. The man turned and started walking in the direction of the living room. “

“Come, child. Your mother is waiting for you. Unless you want to explain why Headmistress Nestington contacted me about an altercation with Nixon.”

Benedict ran in front of his father, eyes wide. “Not mother, please. I’ll be fed to the Sky Urchins when she finds out.”

Omelett looked down at his son. He continued walking, and Benedict was forced to follow. “Come, your mother is waiting. I have no time for your penchant for misbehavior.”

“Benedict. Come over here at once.” Benedict came over to his father and followed silently. Benedict fixed his hair before being in the presence of his mother. He fixed his uniform and walked into the living room to find his mother talking with a servant.

Sunny Eggsworth was a tall woman with jet-black hair going down to her shoulders. She had gleaming green eyes, and clear skin, and was deemed “Queen of Beauty.”

“Li, you may go.” She waved away the servant. He bowed and walked to the kitchen. She took a deep breath and looked at her son. “What will we do with you, Benny.”

Benedict gulped. This was going to be rough.

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