New Faces on the Ferry

The Vallejo Ferry Line is the second busiest in the whole system, just behind Oakland. 

What is the San Francisco Bay Ferry? If you live in Vallejo, you may have heard of this ferry at least once. The Vallejo Ferry Line is the second busiest in the whole system, just behind Oakland. 

There’s been a 16% increase in riders on the ferry, since March 2020 at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. 42% of all riders in 2022 have not used the ferry before March 2020. In terms of the Vallejo line, 35% of current riders from Vallejo have not used the ferry prior to March 2020. 

Not only that but it has become a blessing and an icon for the city of Vallejo. It has helped reduce carbon emissions. It has also saved riders a $7 bridge toll two-way alongside $1ph parking. It has also saved passengers some trouble in traffic. Although it is an hour, it is a certainty. Compared to I-80 traffic which is unpredictable, especially when you hit  Berkeley. In other words, it has become the best alternative to the car for the people of Vallejo, especially when your workplace is San Francisco.

In terms of blessing, there are calls for Transit Oriented Development (TOD) revolving around the ferry terminal. One such call is named the “Vallejo Waterfront Development Master Plan”. It first features the construction of two parking garages. Phase A has been completed, with Phase B still in the works. Following Phase B’s completion the outer parking lots will be redeveloped as space for mixed-use development. With shops on the first floor, and apartments on the second and third floors.

In terms of students from MIT Academy, a lot of students choose to take the ferry over driving to San Francisco. To them, it’s a convenient way to hang out with friends, when hanging out in San Francisco. Not to mention not a lot of students drive. In the class of 2023, 1 in every 10 students have a car.