Our Society Lacks Diversity

There has been a lack of both multiculturalism and diversity in our society throughout the years.


There has been a lack of both multiculturalism and diversity in our society throughout the years. In recent years, there have been efforts to make it more inclusive and respectful of other cultures. Educational establishments and workplaces now look to create environments where diversity and multicultural representation are present. Understanding that the various backgrounds of different people can create a welcoming and friendly environment is crucial to the progress of inclusivity. 

When looking for possible future employees, employers have a mission to seek out a diverse group of people to enhance their work team. The lack of variety in a team can cause a narrow vision and reduced perspectives for a company. Including people who have different backgrounds and experiences in life can benefit a company by increasing the amount of differing skills and ideas. Multiculturalism in a team is also vital because not only do the employees feel comfortable, but a wider range of customers can be reached, efficiency is boosted, and it can improve the company’s image as well. 

Both multiculturalism and diversity are important at work, but they are also valuable at school. A high rate of both is crucial for the development of students as citizens that can appropriately interact with a wide variety of people and social groups. This can work not only for developing social skills with different cultures and different people, but also for learning about them as well. Students become more prepared to work in a diverse environment, feel more comfortable, and are more open-minded; taking in more points of view and being welcoming of new ideas. 

At MIT Academy, students feel that diversity is an important part of what makes a school. A student says that diversity and multiculturalism is needed in schools because they are able to experience many different things, such as cultural foods and the identities that create a person from a contrasting culture.”It relates to me personally because I grew up around people from different cultures.” She says that being with people from other backgrounds encourages her to learn more about them, their culture, and other things such as the languages they speak.When asked about MIT’s amount of diversity, she said that it has an acceptable amount. 

Making sure that all students feel and are included is key to the success of a school and its student body. Christina Johnson, a senior at MIT says that there is a lot of diversity among the students. She believes that “Diversity is important because exposure to different cultures creates more empathy for other people.” She says that with groups of friends who come from different backgrounds, there is much to learn about them personally and their culture. Christina feels that although there are multiple cultures, there could be an improvement in the activities revolving around these cultures. She is also aware of how being different in a non-diverse space can affect people, which is why having people from various places and surroundings creates secure conditions at schools. The students are aware of the need that diversity and multiculturalism has in a school and work to create better surroundings for all.

It is important to create accepting work spaces and educational zones in order to create an all-encompassing society, and unprejudiced, social, and confident students who will grow on to become independent individuals in society. Students push themselves more if they work in a diverse environment, which also promotes their creativity. Not only is diversity among students important, but also staff, since it enables a greater sense of belonging and students are able to learn more directly from their teachers as well. Incorporating people from a varying amount of environments is a must for workplaces and schools.