Color Guard Featured at MIT Academy

Color guard is an extracurricular activity that MIT offers where people can competitively perform choreographed shows against other color guard teams. Color guard shows usually involve a mix of dance and the use of equipment such as rifles, flags, and sabers. Through color guard, people are able to create new bonds with their teammates and freely express themselves through their performances. 

MIT Academy has had a color guard team for many years and has won many competitions. They have performed many different shows that expressed different themes and concepts. This year’s show is titled “Mai lo Stesso, Never the Same”. The show conveys different themes of sadness and heartbreak through our school’s performers and their song choice. 

  Our color guard team recently performed their show and ended their season at their Championships competition on April 1st at Independence High School. The color guard captains, Angel-Rois Garcia and Breanna Gallego, express how they feel now that this season is over. Angel states,  “I feel that this season was difficult and stressful for everyone on the team, but having each other is what kept us going”. Breanna adds to this and comments, “This season alone was one of the most challenging seasons I have ever done. Nonetheless, as a team we made it through and had an amazing season”. This year’s season may have felt difficult for them, but with the help of their teammates and the bonds that they have created, they were able to persevere through it. 

Despite their hardships, Angel and Breanna are grateful for their experience. Angel expresses, “… I am very grateful for how color guard has helped me grow as a person. I was able to express myself through performances and get used to performing in front of large crowds. It helped me come out of my shell”. Breanna and Angel feel that their experience performing shows and the bonds that they have built through color guard have helped them be who they are today. Their experience with color guard is something that they’ll miss, but they feel that they’re ready for what’s next in their lives.

Although this season wasn’t easy for our school’s performers, they persevered through and performed their show wonderfully. They did their best this season and are ready to do well again next year!