Rally Week


The eventful week that people enjoyed from the games we played to hanging out with friends. Rally week was something that all the grades could experience and have fun to compete with one another to win it all. This was a new experience for everyone as we never had anything like a rally week before from the whole highschool doing something together to just the games that we did. The week consisted of tug o war, green light red light, Mr. Conrad says, and musical chairs for the different games that everyone played. We had days with seniors versus juniors and freshman versus sophomores with the winners moving up. Each day was eventful with the seniors winning everything against the juniors and the sophomores winning the majority of their games. Sometimes even teachers would participate such as Mr Conrad played tug o war against Mrs. Briggs with Mrs. Briggs won by a landslide. 

Each grade at the end of the day would get extra points for most people with their representing color, loudest cheer, and sportsmanship. So that people are encouraged to participate in the event so that they can earn even more points. On the final day the seniors were against the sophomores, the two winners of their matches. The final result was the sophomores winning against the seniors.