Graduation is coming!

Our tassel with the custom griffin mascot.

Our tassel with the custom griffin mascot.

The end of the year is coming up and with that it is time for seniors to start planning out their future! The Mit 27’ class is the second to receive an in-person graduation since the beginning of quarantine three years ago. Our graduation will be held on June 7th at Touro University at 6:30 pm (seniors will be expected to arrive an hour earlier). A practice for the ceremony will also be held at our campus during normal school hours). Students will be given five tickets to distribute to family and friends! If you need more, another student may be willing to donate some of their unused tickets to you. Additional tickets will not be purchasable.

Cap and gowns are a graduation essential, so much so that it is a requirement. You can order a gap and gown in your size here at Jostens:

If you look into the website, you can buy just the cap and gown for $45 instead of one of the more expensive packages if you are not interested in receiving additional items such as class of 23’ apparel. If you can’t order at jostens or you are worried it may not come on time, you can buy/rent a cap and gown elsewhere (such as used on ebay), just make sure it is a navy color or else you won’t be able to participate in the graduation ceremony! Those who have made their graduation gown purchases will be able to receive their gap and gown during Lunch on May first (you can also purchase pre-made cap and gowns for $50 here).

As graduation comes closer and closer, more details will be released over time so be sure to check your email or ask your advisory teachers. If you believe you might not be eligible for graduation due to academic reasons, be sure to talk to your advisory teacher. Also if you have any requests for graduation, be sure to speak to Mr. Ede or a student member of the graduation committee.